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Map of Turkey and Georgia v1.4.4 (Full map)
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Map of Turkey and Georgia v1.4.4 (Full map)

Fixed version full map, all files

YKS Team EU Turkey Map 1.4.4 fix version for 1.26.6
Map of Turkey and Georgia with fixed connection to Graz
many fixed errors.
Tested on ETS2 version 1.26.6

Dogukan_K61, (against), furkan61, UMTKRZ, mbb27, Sinanyilmaz, UMTZRLU, orlic, Scaniaman6106

  • Guest
    2017-02-25 21:53
    LOL , Its now the 3rd time the same map is posted in a week time
  • The simulator guy yt
    2017-02-27 03:27
    Come Check Out My Channel! For Daily Live Streams, Mod Showcase's And More!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc0lX6adRo809vFmvdA4h9AThanks TSG
  • Luka
    2017-03-13 10:19
  • Barend vnk
    2017-04-06 23:42
    Hi:when comed new map for v1.27?
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