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Renault T Addons v1.5 1.36
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Renault T Addons v1.5 1.36

-Added Low Chasis 4x2
-Added New ─░nterior Beige
-Added Front Glass sticker
-Added Front Logo 6 color option
-Added Front Botomgrill
-Added Front Bumper paint
-Added Front Mudflap
-Added Frontgrill lowcab
-Added Rear bumper 3 variant
-Added Rear Exhaust
-Added Rear Chs Cover
-Added Rear Mudflap
-Added R Deflector 3 variant+slot
-Added Rear Backlight
-Adapted 2 skin
-Adapted Tuning pack 1.36

-Added Front Bumper paint
-Added Front bumber light
-Added Front botomgrill
-Added Frontgrill
-Added Front fender paint
-Added Rear fender paint
-Added Miror paint
-Added Roofgrill
-Added New Rearmudflaps
-Added new Sunvisor
-Added new Stoneguard
-Added new Sunshield
-Added Windowtrim
-Added Doorstep light
-Added Stickers
-Added Rear bumper
-Added intbacklight
-Added Cabin Light
-Added Filter Paint+Slot

Tested 1.36x

Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.


  • Hary
    2020-02-07 11:16
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    so beautiful
  • Daniel
    2020-02-09 14:30
    1 0
    classy mode
  • Jonas
    2020-02-09 14:34
    1 0
    when is the new version ?
  • Blade1974
    2020-02-09 14:38 Send message
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    like march body
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