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Construction Roof Grill + Led Bar v10.04.18 1.28.x-1.30.x
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Construction Roof Grill + Led Bar v10.04.18 1.28.x-1.30.x

Changes v10.04.18:
- add: MAN TGX 2010 by XBS

+ All SCS default trucks
+ Big Stars - Actros / Arocs SLT
+ Scania RJL
+ Scania 4 series addon for RJL Scanias[forum.scssoft.com]
+ Scania T
+ Ohaha's FH 2013
+ Ohaha's Volvo FH Classic
+ MAN TGX 2010 by XBS

Info about Construction Roof Grill:
The mod contains a two basic versions of grill:
Chrome - White or Black chrome look.
Truck Color - White* or Gray** look.

*used for paint color
**used for metallic color

The grill support up to 22* slots for A or B cabin versions
and 18** slots for C cabin version.

A - Big
B - Middle
C - Small

*11 per side x2
**9 per side x2

Led Bar:
The Led Bar is attach to the grill
with functions to show the Turn Signals and Lights.

NOTE 1: I add and the smalllight.sii in the mod folder,
because small lights are NOT allow on all grills by SCS default.
Add reflection to led bar lights.

NOTE 2: Some truck cabins are not support
(usally some small cab "C type")
Iveco - Active Space
Mercedes - Long Roof Sleeper
Renault - Normal Roof
Volvo - Sleeper
Volvo 2012 - Sleeper
Scania S and R - Low Roof


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