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AD - Timber Ekeri by Teklic v1.1.2
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AD - Timber Ekeri by Teklic v1.1.2

Changelog v1.1.2
AD - Alucar pilars
Tested on v2.1.1 ekeri tandem mod
No cargo included

Changelog v1.0.1
Fixed Cargo
Make this mod standalone, you can use it now without Alex MP4
BUG - Wood Beams dont load when you choose it.

For this mod you need to have ETS2 v1.35 & 1.36 and does not require any dlc.
This mod make you aviliable timber body from Mercedes Actros MP4 edit by Alex becouse of that you need his mod.

Teklic, Alexandru_Andrey

  • Salah
    2020-03-20 21:15
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    video realhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Y0YKXKQX-9EEpmT5bSLHA
  • Teklic
    2020-03-20 22:34
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