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Addons for DLC Cabin 1.21.x
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Addons for DLC Cabin 1.21.x

This is my new version of the mod add more than a skins for scarfs and pennants, he add new slots interior for man_tgx, daf_xf, scania. New mugs (one skin man, one volvo, daf…) and add cigarettes.
Readme: This pack add 26 standalone scarfs (country and brands (all)). This pack also add 21 standalone pennants. Add one mug per brand (mug man, mug scania…)
Add more slot for daf xf, man tgx and scania.
Add cigarettes package.
Why English and “normal” version of mod? > Because the slots who I add on truck is not compatible for english interior’s version (Tried to fix)
In English version you have all addons like normal cabs.
If you have suggestion for the future, ask me and I trie to make them :)
This is V2, on V3 I want to add new standalone pennants (the last who I don’t touch).
If someone can make video to present my mod I shall be grateful because 3 screens aren’t to much :)

Authors: jeyjey-16, solaris36, scs software

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