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Australia Tasmania map v2
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Australia Tasmania map v2

Fixed some bugs, added new vegetation and roads 1.26.x


  • Gerard
    2017-01-21 14:38
    Is this not a old one ???Uploaded on 26-12-2016
  • Guest
    2017-01-21 15:28
    Of course the old, he did re-upload steadily once a month
  • 82kbody
    2017-01-21 15:46
    Do i need to make a new profile for this?
  • Ducsnoopy
    2017-01-27 09:56
    HelloSmall question or place you mods so that it works when you are with the modsTRUCK SIM6.5, because I try but can not see it appear? And this erases the journey when I select a delivery but only on the request of transport of the work world and not on the others?Have you no idea?
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