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BCD scania Race pack Mod V1.0
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BCD scania Race pack Mod V1.0

Scania Street legal race pack for ETS2
Modded by Duck187 & Bennekeben
Video teaser for the mod!
Supported for ets2 1.12. tested
Vid info:
Scania R more then 500+hp engines sound @ 01:00min
Scania R/streamline less then 500-hp engines sound @ 04:00min
Race parts in shop @ 08:00min
Scania streamline more then 500+hp engines sound @ 09:00min
Scania T model modv1.3 stock,shop,tuned parts showed @ 12:00min


Whats in this mod ?
Sick V8 scania sound
Cool skin liverys
Race Parts for trucks
Lowerd chassis

Custom Creations
Created by Duck & Bennekeben

Creations by Duck
 Stand alone Real Life Race Skin for Scania trucks.

Creations by Bennekeben
 Race Engines 1000-2500hp  from megadiscountmod
 Custom created Race Engine sound for Scania rcab and streamline Engines
 Custom gearboxes 6-8-10 speed

More info ? go to http://1manarmyfans.webs.com

Download this mod here
Link 1 Original App.box

Link 2 Original App.box  

Download the Scania T mod here  http://ets2mods.org/MTRo3

So many nice scaniav8 sounds idk what to choose..this is my version of the sound..
3 different sounds depending on what kind of engines u choose!

DUCK 187 & Bennekeben

  • Robert
    2014-09-16 23:16
    Soweit ein super mod.Doch sobald ich ich eines der Fahrwerke anklicke stürzt das Spiel ab.Auch mit dem Scania T der in ihrem Link zu finden ist.Würde mich freuen wenn es eine Lösung gibt denn ich finde den mod absolut Spitze
  • Bojidar
    2014-09-18 21:03
  • Bojidar
    2014-09-18 21:11
    za komioni
  • Guest
    2014-09-24 23:30
    This mod is Updated ! go to Http://1manarmyfans.webs.com for infoor search Bennekeben in the search function to find my mods uploaded here.
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