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BDF Tandem Truck Pack v77 (1.27)
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BDF Tandem Truck Pack v77 (1.27)

Changelog: v77
Updated non power axle to power steer axle on all chassis 6x4 Taglift
Renamed all chassis 6x2 to 6x2*4
Renamed all chassis 6x2 Taglift to 6x2*4 Taglift
Renamed all chassis 8x4 to 8x4*4
Renamed all chassis 8x4 Taglift to 8x4*4 Taglift
Moved all Auto Couple boxes into position
Moved all hooks into position
Moved a few collision boxes on all trucks
Mercedes Benz Actros 2009 chassis cables added
Mercedes Benz Actros 2009 Cabin A,B and C will be fixed in next update.

Link 1: Download Tandem Truck Pack
Link 2: All trailers is here in one mix

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