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Brasil Map EAA v1.5.2 for ETS 2
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Brasil Map EAA v1.5.2 for ETS 2

Map EAA - Exploring America Version 1.5.2
For the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.15.X (32bit).
This mod adds the Brazilian map to the original ETS2 map.
Major changes from the previous version of the mod:
- Conversion to version 1.15 of the ETS2.
- 5 toll Withdrawal of BR 116 south;
- Withdrawal of 2 tolls of BR 101 south;
- Withdrawal of 2 tolls of BR 277 west;
- Addition of names of gears in trucks;

- Addition of the port of Santos as liaisons with Europe;
- Addition of two new citiesPeruíbe and Santos;

- Withdrawal of all trucks and trailers national, leaving the user free to use the mod vehicle you want.
- Creation of the mountains of Anchieta and Immigrants linking Santos Capital with the same design of the realeven with the same amount of tunnels.

Among other modifications

List of Brazilian Cities in mod:
Rio Grande do Sul
DairyCaxias do Sul, Canoas, Porto Alegre, OsorioButiaPantano Grande, South Cacapava and San Gabriel
Santa Catarina
LagesCriciuma, Florianópolis, Itajaí, Joinville, New Fields and Mafra
Rio Negro, Paranagua, Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Curitiba, Ponta Grossa, Palm Tree, IratiPrudentópolis,GuarapuavaLaranjeiras of the SouthCascavel and Foz do Iguaçu.
Sao Paulo
RegistrationPeruibeSantos and São Paulo.
Soon, more cities.

Map editing team: Roberto Restanhojhonatan Siebel
Modeling Team: Filipe Sampaiotonho Nunes
Defs team of engines and transmissions: Luiz Ferreira

Roberto Restanho, Jhonatan Siebel, Filipe Sampaio, Tonho Nunes, Luiz Ferreira

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