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Cistern MAMMUT 1.33+
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Cistern MAMMUT 1.33+

14 MAMMUT Standalone Fuel Tankers in one package.
In traffic.

February 8 update:
Here is a list of changes
- Added support for trailer cables,
- Fixed cog_height_offset warning,
- Made some adjustments to the collision boxes to make the trailer work better with improved grip,
- Other minor visual improvements.
- Added template.

Assembly content:
The following skins are added to the base file:
1. Texaco.
2. Squirrel Fuel Trailer.
3. Eddie Stobart Fuel Tanker.
4. Shell Fuels Tanker.
5. BP Ultimate Fuel Trailer.
6. DHL Fuel Tanker.
7. Gulf Fuel Tanker.
8. Orlen Transport.
9. Squirrel Oils Tanker.
10. Toll Fuel Tanker.
11. Turners of Soham Tanker.
Skin author: Pauly

The new skin of the tanker is selected on the basis of the company in the trailer browser (shown in the screenshots).

This is an autonomous tank trailer, originally made by the HEMPAM group for ETS2 1.22 and
updated to the latest version of the game (i.e. 1.34).
It will appear in the list of orders for:
diesel fuel
fuel oil,
oil and gasoline.

HEMPAM GROUP, Harven, Pauly, Lucasi. packed : losevo58

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