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Colombia Map v3.1.6 (ETS2 1.30.x)
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Colombia Map v3.1.6 (ETS2 1.30.x)

Changelog v3.1.6
- Complete reconstruction of the city of Bucaramanga.
- Reduction of AI traffic spawn and sounds.
- Correction of multiple errors of the base.
- Correcting error of the union of roads and prefabs in Bogota that caused the traffic to teleport or jump sharply.
- Fixed other bugs.
- Addition of some objects.
- New models and roads on the map (Aratoca – Pescadero).

Independent Map of Colombia that contains some deadly routes, dangerous curves, ups and downs and more!, Download the 2 parts and locate the files in ETS2 mod folder and use the module apollo.mbd and start.


  • Jhondeath.col
    2018-04-14 10:46
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/6iynrnx67yz5rb5/JhonDeath.Col.v.3.1.6+ETS2+1.30.rar [Part 1] http://www.mediafire.com/file/wcyytpqd905mgln/JhonDeath.Col+Base+2.1+ETS2+1.30.rar [Part 2]
  • Jhondeath.col
    2018-04-14 10:47
  • Jhondeath.col
    2018-04-14 10:49
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