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D3S Mercedes Antos 12 r1.36.2x
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D3S Mercedes Antos 12 r1.36.2x

This mod only includes steering on the right side.
Ideal for driving in countries that adopt driving on the left side of the road (English hand) such as the
United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India ...

NOTE. It is necessary to use the base truck for UK interiors to function properly.
The truck is available in this topic on the SCS forum

DANZ, revision-dobr4060, SCS Software and JK (UK Version)

  • Ciccio
    2020-02-20 21:05
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    No It works, it is not visible in the Mod manager ...
  • Name
    2020-02-21 19:58
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    Works yes, visible in the mod manager
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