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Dangerous Roads v1.5
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Dangerous Roads v1.5

– Coopel
– Villanueva
– Arrecifes
– Paso Stelvio
– Pirineo
– Cuesta Lipan
– Saltillo
– Tamaulipas

- Add some new roads
– Bugfixes
– Removed completely invisible walls
– Business scandinavia work perfectly, etc
- Fixes errors
- Realistic nature

This map is working for patch:
1.21.1 + DLC

How to install:
1) Put the scs file in your mod folder
2) Create a new profile and activate my mod
3) Set game module to  Dangerous Roads v.1.5.mbd, (not europe.mbd)

Orginal authors:
AnimadoMP, Cristhian Uribe


Play Fun :)

Tantur Official

  • Tanturofficial
    2015-11-28 21:31 Send message
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    Sorry for the error from extract file.Here is the new link, click and download the mod:http://sharemods.com/98oiz4bk2woy/Dangerous_Roads_v1.5.rar.html
  • Javier
    2015-11-29 00:08 Send message
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    still missing the linkfailure file:dangerous roads_model.scs
  • Osec36
    2015-11-29 03:15 Send message
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    bad new link !No working The requested file could not be found ..
  • Osec36
    2015-11-29 03:19 Send message
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    .Here is the new link, http://uploadfiles.eu/t4atqo30d0f5/Dangerous_Roads_v1.5.rar.html
  • Tanturofficial
    2015-11-29 14:35 Send message
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    Hi everyone, here is the new link for download:Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jl0wtyymstb1ht6/dangerous+roads_model.scsPart 2:http://sharemods.com/juub25lu8514/Dangerous_roads_part2.rar.htmlThanks you, THIS IS ORGINAL LINK TO DOWNLOAD, FROM MY MOD.Dont's download from others.
  • Losevo58
    2015-12-01 19:03 Send message
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    Эта версия карты для версии игры 1.16.хх и не работает на версиях выше 1.20.х. Ненизбежные вылеты и притом много, возле каждого салона. Так же нет возможности купить свою машину.
  • Losevo58
    2015-12-01 19:04 Send message
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    Настоящие авторы: AnimadoMP, Cristhian Uribe, карту не редактировали. Некий Tantur Official, просто добавил к карте мод: Patch1_20_RED_Texture_FIX.scs, но в этом патче не все маты собраны и если Вы, поездите по этой карте, то увидите много незакрытых красных текстур как на объектах, так и на моделях трафика, автобусы с красными фонарями.Отключите в менеджере Patch1_20_RED_Texture_FIX.scs и вся карта станет красной
  • Losevo58
    2015-12-01 19:05 Send message
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    This version of the card game version 1.16.hh and does not work on versions above 1.20.h. Nenizbezhnye departures and, moreover, much next to each cabin. Just can not buy a car.
  • Losevo58
    2015-12-01 19:06 Send message
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    These authors: AnimadoMP, Cristhian Uribe, the card is not edited. A certain Tantur Official, just added to the map mode: Patch1_20_RED_Texture_FIX.scs, but this patch not all mats are collected and if you, trains on this map, you'll see a lot of outstanding red textures on objects and models of traffic, buses with red lanterns.Disable manager Patch1_20_RED_Texture_FIX.scs the entire card will be red
  • Experimental trucker
    2015-12-06 00:03 Send message
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    Hello. I was able to complete a delivery run with the map. I also left some info in the video description that could be helpful to some players out there.Picked up cargo in SaltilloTeleported to ArrecifesAttempted to do a lot of sightseeingDelivered cargo back to Saltillo 4155km run....COMPLETEDIt was GREAT fun playing the map once again.I hope to see the map get larger with more roads & citieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-Y5jeagAs4
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