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DC Black Cherry American Trailer Skin 01 V2
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DC Black Cherry American Trailer Skin 01 V2

I noticed I needed to repaint some front molding on the trailer, plus I reskinned the mudflaps using the original trailer mod mudflaps but with my dark gray color surrounding it. I also added the top corner brackets back on the trailer doors. If you have my original Black Cherry skin, just delete it and replace it with this one.

Black Cherry Skin and recolored mudflaps – David Corley; Original trailer mod – axe666, vecc21, and steis

  • David
    2015-04-26 21:39
    To the person who reuploaded my trailer on this site, please be sure you have version 2 V2 linked please. I would have preferred if you would have used my original link though. Also, you have some of my version 1 trailer posted in the pics that do not apply to this version 2. Thanks.
  • David
    2015-04-26 21:51
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