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DC Viridian American Trailer Skin v1
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DC Viridian American Trailer Skin v1

I had a few free minutes today and got an itch to make another trailer. Wanted to continue in my line of non-company based skins. Thus, Viridian Green was born today. Tested on 1.16. Can only use one American Trailer at a time. If you upload to another website, please give proper credits and use my original mediafire link. It helps me keep track of how many downloads my trailer has. Thanks!

Viridian green skin by David Corley; Original trailer mod – axe666, vecc21, and steis

  • David
    2015-04-27 12:57
    Please remove modhub link sand replace with my mediafire links to my Viridian skin and Red and silver skin for my American trailers someone unloaded here for ETS2 improperly. I had asked for any uploads to keep my original mediafire links. they were not kept as i asked. someone reuploaded my mods here. please fix the links to both my trailer skin mods or remove both mods from your site. thank you.
  • David
    2015-04-27 14:22
    http://www.mediafire.com/?73w347cjcg90cxrguys, please use this link as i requested. thank you.
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