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Density and intensity of traffic from Cipinho v2.2
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Density and intensity of traffic from Cipinho v2.2

I recommend mode density and traffic intensity on the Belgian comrade.
Provides the following options:
- from 4:00 to 20:00 density changes every half an hour from 20 to 4 each hour;
- High density of the morning and afternoon, followed by gradual decrease in the evening. flow peak at 8:30 and 16:30;
- high density on highways during the day and at night with a reasonable intensity minimum at 03:00;
- relatively high density on local roads, variable frequency allows you to easily make overtaking;
- the proportions of types of transp. resources;
- a very low density of traffic on local roads during the night;
- Increased traffic cycle SSB intersections, yellow green lights after 3 sec 1 sec after red;
- work on the road is lit red for 12 seconds;

Version 2.2:
- adjustments to achieve the max. realism density and intensity of transport;
- added new settings for traffic behavior;
- set ratios:
             trucks / passenger as 1: 2
             buses / cars 1:10
- Added adjustment of French trains on the Piva;
- adjusted parked trailers and work of traffic police.
Archival three options:
1. Real_Traffic_Density_v2.2_for_ProMods - for ProMods and plug it with modules.
2. Real_HUNtraffic_density_by_Cip - Hungary module.
3. Real_Traffic_Density_v2.2_by_Cip - general purpose, suitable for most modules, except for the above two.

Test  1.27

Author Cipinho

  • Cipinho
    2017-05-27 16:37
    Respect original downloadhttp://sharemods.com/59hedq0nb1it/Real_Traffic_Density_v2.2_by_Cip.scs.html
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