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Double Trailers ETS2 1.28.x
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Double Trailers ETS2 1.28.x

Add functional double trailer in the game.
Base model by RTA, converted with SCS Blender Tool.

– Standalone
– Double pivot point
– Advancing coupling
– Clean model
– Real cargo

Only for version 1.28.x

OveRTRucK, Siebel3D, Sn4k3r, RTA

  • Overtruck
    2017-07-28 11:37 Send message
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  • Portegies
    2017-08-04 23:04 Send message
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    Unfortunately, the trailers with skin are nowhere to be found in ETS2, but the blank version.The skins in this mod are companies from ATS so they do not work on the companies in ETS2.Very bale, furthermore a beautiful fashion.
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