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Scania 4 Series addon for RJL Scanias v2.2.4
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Scania 4 Series addon for RJL Scanias v2.2.4

Complement of the Scania 4 series for RJL Scanias v2.2.4 1.35 20.05.2019
Credits: Mod Builder: RJL / Fordsonmies Other: GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Poland, Szeryff123 (some parts of them), SCS Software (original models), Thunderhawk.

Mod creator: RJL / Fordsonmies
Others: GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, Szeryff123 (a few parts from them), SCS Software (original models), Thunderhawk (equipment tower)

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