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Eastern Express v7.0
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Eastern Express v7.0

"Eastern Express 7.0":
Map of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. There is a standard Europe and the DLC "Going East". To work requires a license with the established game and DLC DLC GE Ssandinavia.
Separate gaming unit - only map Eastern Express, as in previous versions - no.

- Added Volgograd, Saratov and other cities...
- Implemented fully compatible with version 1.21 ets2
- Removed all the players noticed flaws and bugs in previous versions.

Tested 1.21.1

Map http://sharemods.com/g8scpxcspkae/basa_eastern_express.rar.html
Key http://sharemods.com/1dlb9f51dzjq/Aleksejj7.rar.html


  • Pegasus
    2015-11-21 18:02
    This looks like a nice map and I'm going to give it a try. I just wish the city names could be translated to English.
  • Bilow
    2015-11-22 23:05
    HelloYes it's also my question for the city names in french or english.I'am french.Thank you for your responses
  • Experimental trucker
    2015-11-27 22:50
    Hello.Here’s a 4228km completed delivery run with help from, the EAA map v2.9 & TSM v6.1.1Picked up cargo in Uberaba (EAA Map)Traveled thru EAA & TSMDelivered cargo in Krasnodar 4228km run.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub2lkSNGN4YMore information is in the video description.
  • Aybesea
    2015-12-28 22:06
    First MOD i have ever installed Having problem with the maps activated in mod manager,Not sure of the priority they should be activated or can be activated individually also where does the translate to english mod go and what priority does it use if it is supposed to be in the MOD manager.Other wise great map all works other wise when i get ETS loaded which takes a long time sometimes.Help!
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