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ETS2 1.12 Update retail edition is available now
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ETS2 1.12 Update retail edition is available now

Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.12 retail edition is finally ready and uploaded to mirror servers.

Please strongly consider use of mirrors and torrents instead of direct download, for faster speed and to avoid overloading of our own lines.

Added truck and trailer browsers
Added support for color balance&saturation tweaks to the photo mode
Added support for camera roll to the photo mode
Added cargo group filter to the job selection screens (e.g. in top left corner of the screen). Requires new attributes we added to game_data.sii so if you have a modded version without those attributes, it will not work.
Added missing straps texture
Better messages are shown when removable DLC is missing instead of using the message originally intended for MODs
Enabling news on the profile page using the "Enable news" button will also load them
Fixed visualization of the initially selected button on the mirrors adjuster
Fixed speed limits in UK
Fixed calculation of vehicle bounding box
Fixed crash in delivery log if city is missing as result of mod removal
Game will try to fix game time when it is too far behind during game load as the result of use of the MP mod
Workaround for possible hang in the truck configurator in profile which was broken by the MP mod
Set cargo weights for AI trailers
Removed calcium cargo
Removed reference to non-existing animation
Updated localization
Updated credits


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