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Fix TSM v6.2 for 1.23
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Fix TSM v6.2 for 1.23

Fix for TSM Map v 6.2 for ETS 1.23.x

Authors: SCS, TSM Team, 3drskins

SCS, TSM Team, 3drskins

  • Mark tempe
    2016-05-04 12:57
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    The fix works fine together with "TSM 6.2", "RusMap", "EAA-Map", "Scandinavia Rebuilding","Baltic Countrys" and "Panjelaros Indo- Map" (the latest versions).No errors, only warnings in game-log.Thanks!For all friends: This is not a stolen content, this is only an add on.Please excuse my bad english.M.T.
  • Joachimk
    2016-05-08 14:16
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    I have also the same Configuration (without Indo) and in all Tests of Priority the Game crashes. For me is the Question, why I cannot find on TSM-Webpage.....
  • Slaviksd
    2016-05-30 15:37
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    Fix for TSM Map v 6.2 for ETS 1.23 is my work.Severe stole my work!!!The image of my links: http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1462605687/69b0aa99/12571542.jpgMy links: http://sharemods.com/wq882vj2fg8x/Fix-TSM-6.2-1.23.scs.html
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