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Frank De Ridder Kogel trailer skin 1.30.x
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Frank De Ridder Kogel trailer skin 1.30.x

Whats new ?
–Improved textures in v1.1

– Tested version 1.30.x.x
– Standalone
– Correct logistic.
– Fully AO
– Wheels by abasstreppas
– Lightmask
– Own lowpoly shadow model
– Low .pmg file size.
– Skins are NOT supported but you can change two textures (sides.dds and doors.dds) and add your own logos, etc.
– Feel free to edit it but give FULL credits.

Credits: RockweLL, Ventures87, Snaip, Axelrol
Wheels: Abasstreppas
Update for V1.28: Fred_be
Update for v1.30.x.x : KrewlexDesigns

RockweLL, Ventures87, Snaip, Axelrol, Chola97

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