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Freightliner Argosy 8x4 v3.0
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Freightliner Argosy 8x4 v3.0

Adapted for transportation of superheavy cargo truck Freightliner Argosy 8×4.
Mod adapted to patch 1.19 -1.21
The basis is taken from the mod Irteza "Freightliner Argosy 8×4 3.0". Thanks to the author.

List of changes:
- Added this truck in dialer center.
- Added this truck in company.
- Replaced engines Caterpillar on Detroit Diesel
- Added real engines tuning:
Detroit DD16 500 ECU (606 hp 3040 N.m.)
Detroit DD16 560 ECU (666 hp 3379 N.m.)
Detroit DD16 600 ECU (726 hp 3242 N.m.)
Cummins ISX15 485 ECU (587 hp 2720 N.m.)
Cummins ISX15 525 ECU (636 hp 3041 N.m.)
- Added real gearboxes SST-6 1362-C, FRW-15210B, RTLO-20913A, RTLO-22918B-AS
- Added several skins.

- Characteristics of the chassis as realistic as possible.

As the game ratios gearbox and drive axles are registered in a single file, we had to make some identical gearboxes with different final drive ratio.
After the name of each transmission, I have two options - FG (first transmission gear ratio) and D (differential gear ratio).
The higher differential ratio (D), the more thrust and less top speed.

Maximum trailer weight (for 6x4) - 70 tons.
Maximum trailer weight (for 8x4)- 90 tons.
Maximum trailer weight (for 8x4 Heavy) - 200 tons.

Tested on 1.18 -1.21

The archive contains a supplement  addons to the trailers from Jazzycat (Cargo Packs v3.6.1, Military Cargo Pack v.1.7 and Railway Cargo Pack v1.7 ) which increased the mass of more than 100 cargoes.
The main modes you can download on the website of the author (Jazzycat).

Since the description of mod writer made no mention of the ban on the change in this mod, as well as publication of modified versions of this mod, I think that copyright is not violated all the more that the model did not change the chassis. Changes were only specifications.

The authors of the model: SCS Software, Jon_Ruda, Flemmings, Sergej Baltazar, Kriechbaum, dmitry68, odd_fellow, OHAHA, Irteza
Parameters gearbox and chassis: Tornado

  • Tornado
    2015-11-27 20:33
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    Find the truck can be Iveco
  • Tornado
    2015-11-27 20:43
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    I’m SORRY!!!I mixed up the video linkThis is a real link:https://youtu.be/a3AoNcUZ7DQ
  • Gerald
    2016-02-21 06:09
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    Is the any chance you will be adding this to American Truck Sim? Pretty please...with sugar on top!
  • Space cam
    2016-06-25 04:41
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    can this chassis be added to the new models and updated to the version 1.24
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