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Freightliner FLB for 1.26
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Freightliner FLB for 1.26

Freightliner FLB

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The perfect starting truck for ETS2.

Sliipais has created a great edit to Odd_fellow’s Freightliner FLB mod, giving it a ‘used’ look. Sadly, this mod was no longer supported, e. g. mirrors were all black.
Thankfully, AlexeyP has fixed Odd_fellow’s version of this mod, which has allowed me to combine the two. Version 1.0

This mod adds american classic Freightliner FLB Low Cab truck in the game. Custom interior and exterior models and textures, a lot of tuning options (more to come), DLC Accessories support, self-made C15, 3406 and ISX engine sounds. Template included.
– AlexeyP has fixed this mod: Fifth wheel, errors & mirrors
– Sliipais has improved this mod
– Odd_fellow has converted this truck to ETS2

Test Version: 1.26.4s

unlock level 24 for unknown reasons

Credits: SCS Software Convert to ETS2, interior and exterior: odd_fellow Sound authors: odd_fellow (few sounds are Kriechbaum’s) Wheels: ventyres Rework: vitalik062, sliipais edition Fixes: AlexeyP

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