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Hungary Map v0.9.28 [1.23]
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Hungary Map v0.9.28 [1.23]

Changelog of v0.9.28:
- compatibility to v1.23
- enlarged roundabouts with wider roads
- company entrances fixed: no more dump at the gates
- side street connections improved
- vegetation fixed: no more grass on roads
- traffic signs replaced at crash barriers
- new models for supermarkets
- a lot of bug fixes

Good driving! 

Tested 1.23 Game Version
Map: http://sharemods.com/9we6j6hsfyn1/HUNGARY_MAP_byFrank007_0.9.28_1.23.7z.html
Traffic: http://sharemods.com/rz4xu54tyke4/HUNtraffic.zip.html


  • Dejvo86
    2016-05-03 11:00 Send message
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    One of the best map for ETS2. Works perfect on Steam version, 1.23. Also on Mac OS X. Minimum bugs (one of the biggest problem is traffic jam, but player can handle it by choose a different route). Map is full of different trucks, traffic, billboard, buildings. Simply it is just like in real life. Great job. Thanx a lot for this map.
  • Bikkel
    2016-05-05 17:02 Send message
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    some bugs to bad
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