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Iveco Realistic Sound v1.0
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Iveco Realistic Sound v1.0

Today I will releasel my new Iveco sound with real sounds taken from real life videos, some files are made by Vasily and Kriechbaum but most of the soundfiles are real.
I took a few videos from the Stralis and ripping the soundfiles of it so I get real engine soundfiles of each rpm range and those files I trow it in a big kettle and mix it to this sound, this is the new way to making soundmods
The real files are;
Start/stop engine, engine sounds, horn sound, brake sounds blinker sounds but I have to edit more files and added to this sound, go see and listen for yourself and enjoy it.

Leen kriechbaum and Vasely

  • Grover
    2018-03-14 20:26
    well done thx..
  • Leen
    2018-03-18 04:40
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/miacg9mxuxwarwd/Iveco sound mod incl tire sound mod.zip?dl=0
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