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Kamaz 6460 Update 1.16.x
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Kamaz 6460 Update 1.16.x

I decided to make life easier for fans of realism, which itself are:)
Finalized this I KAMAZ almost to real…. Certainly not without gag., but her a bit and she’s justified.
The changes affected only the specifications of the truck, so the author does not need to worry about their rights on the model.

Changes :
1. The parameters of the engine and transmission are given to real.
2. Added 3 engine which theoretically can be installed on KAMAZ – Cummins ISLe 380 (Euro 4), 1851 R6 BlueTec 6, YAMZ-A.
3. Added 2 chassis fans of freight more than 100 tons The only difference is the weight of the truck. This is due to the fact that the game engine does not take into account the load on the saddle transmitted by the trailer. And if you don’t increase the weight of the truck, then when you try to start the movement (especially uphill), the front wheels will be in the air, and the rear will slip.
Side effects increase the weight of the truck is increased fuel consumption, and the inability of skidding and overturning (go as a tram on rails:) ). But these effects can close my eyes because when transporting locomotive weight t. the rate is unlikely to exceed 50-60 kmh…….., although,……..if a roller coaster,…… in Tunisia,…………. Yes, and with a fair wind……. :)
4. As in the game, gearbox and drive axle defined in one file, I had to do a lot of the same transmission with different gear ratios of the main transmission. With this, you can easily carry heavy loads with a mediocre engine.
In order not to get confused, at the end of the name of each CAT I pointed two parameters – FG (gear ratio first gear) and D (gear ratio).
5. Corrected the names of accessories
6. Added truck company
7. Added truck in the Showroom.
8. Added sound from JAMZ-A, which took from fashion Ural 43202. Many thanks to the author.
Tester on 1.16.2 s, TSM 5.4 and a bunch of other mods. Perhaps something was overlooked….Write – isreply :)

Source for engines, transmission and chassis in the archive

Tested 1.16

Koral, Tornado

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