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Kenworth W900 1.21.x
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Kenworth W900 1.21.x

– Prescribe a certain slot in the cabin Iveco
– Tuning
– Its interior
– Their sound
– Truck painted

Changes to the original version of the previously laid out:

– Changed residence truck, now it does not replace Kenworth W900a if you have one
– Added the ability to paint truck
– Added a tuning bumpers, kenguryatnik, mirrors on the hood, two kinds of fairings on the sleeping bag and rear wings
– Rewritten from the T800 cab under the W900 while no parts of the interior or the tuning of the other tracks it does not replace
– Also added to the engine and transmission of the T800 with your own sounds
Unfortunately we could not adapt the nameplates from the engines to this Truckee everything you need in it there but somehow they do not appear and could not move the color change motor function depending on what engine is on the track.

Test 1.21

by grossdodo, vovangt4, slava1

  • Dreadful shotzz
    2015-10-12 22:22
    where do I buy it
  • Jim


    2015-10-13 09:32
    no scs file so how does it go in the mod folder
  • Zerx77
    2015-10-13 18:49
    guys, I have a problem with the camera, following the accession of the trailer?
  • Islandm
    2015-10-14 00:19
    Please do not pay attention to the video. i put it on the wrong mod. sorry about that.
  • L


    2015-10-14 13:51
    doesn't work
  • Theosz
    2015-10-16 03:39
    I renamed the internal .zip to .scsthis truck still have one rear and one front axle (rim and wheel together)internal name is iveco.kenworth that conflicts with others two differents trucks(W900L, W900a all with same name - iveco.kenworthOriginal nice authors call his trucks (internal names) like kenworth.k100, kenworth.t800, kenworth.t660...and avoid conflics. I advice do the same.
  • Gryngo
    2015-10-16 15:27
  • Bilow
    2015-10-23 22:23
    Merci pour ton travail. ;)Merci aussi à Theosz ;)
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