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Klaas Economy Mod v1.1.0
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Klaas Economy Mod v1.1.0

I recommend creating a new profile, this mod can be used with existing profiles but you it will not work properly.
This mod offers a realistic economy, inspired from real-life trucker wages. (minimum wage is ~0.5€/km for Quickjobs)
Bank loan limit increases at each level. You will be able to buy a truck starting with level 8.
You will find more informations on Steam Workshop.


  • Chris429
    2016-07-29 12:15
    http://sharemods.com/phcbrs0te1v9/DAF_106_510_Weeda_1.19.x_F__X_.rar.htmlKUN JE DEZE EN OF ZETTEN WANT HET BESTAND DOET NIET MEER
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