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Light Improvements & Lowered Chassis Renault T v1.4
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Light Improvements & Lowered Chassis Renault T v1.4

What is Light Improvement? It adds different parts from simpel slots to lightboxes, sunvisors, custom skirts, roof, bottom, side bars, custom bumpers, and aero parts from renault,
all you need is your lights accessory mods to individually design your Range T.

This addons i used, i preefer you them: (Set my mod higher then all your accessory mods! I had to edit the hookup for new suitable strings! The shown accessorys below are supported!
abasstreppas Hella Auxiliary light pack 1.0
Hella Double Burners by abasstreppas
Legendary "50k-addons"
[powerkasi] Light & Accessory
Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.7

Changelog v.1.4
Advanced coupling got fixed
Rearfenders got fixed
Sepperated Chassis
Remade materials of all painted parts from my mod.

New in v1.4:
Renault Aero Parts (Front/Sideskirts 4x2 only)
Dirt deflectors (Side reflector slot)
Window deflectors (Sidemirror slot)
Sunshields standard extended black
White Roofmarkers
Custom Sideskirts 4x2 6x2/4 6x24
4x2 Square sidebar whit orange lights
New custom sunshield
2 Lightboxes as accessory
French & German plate
Removeable sidereflector
Painted lights xenon/halogen (Thanks to umri20)
Painted Rearfenders/Covers all varaints added (Thanks to Sogard3)
Staircase slot for front fenders also in paint (Thanks again to Sogard3)
Added curtain in exterior view


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