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MAN sound mod E5 and E6 by SCS and MAN by Madster
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MAN sound mod E5 and E6 by SCS and MAN by Madster

Proudly presents the MAN sound for the default SCS MAN TGX trucks and the Euro 6 version by Madster.
Basically this is created by Paulnice but there was something wrong with the main sound file, something like rumble noise but I discover those rumbles and remove them, further I add some real life air cut off sounds and others sound files, reworked some volume parameters, so when driving watch and listen to the detail sounds.
I made the sound mods separate so you can choose which one you want to use or both together.
Special thanks to Paulnice and Vasily from EVR sounds to use their sounds and give all the credits to them.


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    Самые лучшие моды у меня! Я крутой мододел! Я losevo,modsets,mods80 и много других ников,а вы все ушлепки!
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    so fuck you SlavikSD aka mods_80, fly5656 a.s.o , you are an asshole spreading old mods
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    @ДЫРЯВЫЙ ЛОСЬ (GUEST), mods82 забыл. https://www.modland.net/user/mods82/
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