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Map 5.4 by Mario
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Map 5.4 by Mario

The map includes two continents : Europe and Africa .
Countries in Europe : Norway, Sweden, Finland , England , France , Germany , Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic , Slovenia, Portugal, Spain , Greece , Italy.
Countries in Africa : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia , Libya , Egypt ( there's even a pyramid ).
In six cities in Africa added railway stations and one ferry to move quickly . However - on the map , they are not . You have to find them .
In some cities, there is not only the bus station , but the bus stops .
Author : Mario
The card works with your addon ETS_2_Map_5.x_add_on_ru.
To move to the previous version of the map to the new replace the old file it ( after removing all the fashion on the profile ) and continue the game.
But it is better to create a new profile.

Author : Mario

  • Darex2521
    2013-12-15 16:48
    Hello, promises to be a great map, thanks MARIO.
  • Theosz
    2013-12-15 19:09
    Hello, thx for map A question (maybe foolish): if [ETS_2_Map_5.x_add_on_ru.scs] it is to see russians city, I can not. My short setup: a) Win7 x64 1) ETS 2 v1.8.2.5s (Steam updates automatically) 2) DLC Going East!
  • Darex2521
    2013-12-16 19:56
    Hello, the map is great, and by the way I would like to ask whether it will be expanded to other countries?, If so, when will be continued ..
  • Darex2521
    2013-12-17 13:07
    Hi, I have a problem with penetration, from Banska Bystrica to OSLO, throws me to the desktop, please help?
  • Darex2521
    2013-12-23 13:08
    Hello, I am curious what a surprise preparing MARIO, or will a new map for CHRISTMAS? , With new cities and countries.
  • Darex2521
    2013-12-23 17:13
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a rich superstar wishes darex2521
  • Kalo2011
    2013-12-23 20:55
    there is ver 5.5... ferry gdansk-hellsinki and gdansk-stogholm. we must wait...
  • Uwe


    2013-12-26 12:43
    This Map was built of the two stolen Maps from TSM-Team and ProMods-Team.
  • Arnas
    2013-12-30 14:11
    great map.greater author :)
  • Promods
    2013-12-31 00:47
  • Samy88
    2014-01-01 13:11
    Bonjour Jouant à Eurotruck depuis des années j'ai téléchargé la version 5.4 mais je ne peux la décompressé suite à un code et un mot de passe sur le sossier compresser comment se fait'il ? Y-a-il un moyen d'ouvrir le dossier et de récupérer des fichiers scs afin de jouer Merci par avance de votre réponse. CDT
  • Gilkid
    2014-01-17 07:07
    Great Mario, you do what every player wants, ppl like to make maps but dont care about make it compatible with another ones. Please, add Belarus and Russia on the 5.6!!!
  • Jandernurk
    2014-01-23 17:53
    please add estonia and latvia ;)
  • Maktus
    2014-01-23 19:13
    I hope north scandinavia will come
  • Fwas
    2014-01-24 01:21
  • Promods
    2014-02-02 15:29
  • James
    2014-02-03 05:14
    what is the product key for ets2 version
  • Semaj
    2014-02-03 17:48
    Here you have a bunch of keys: http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com/buy.php
  • Bitch ru
    2014-02-04 19:58
    Download 5.5 version: http://ls2013modbox.ru/files/03e9fcd14c
  • Guest
    2014-06-21 20:51
    manager error
  • Rick
    2014-08-23 04:47
    does any one know where you can get the euro africa map i cannot get it any where. I do understand there was some copyright problums but it seems someone would have fix it up by now thank you
  • Rick
    2014-08-23 04:50
    can someone tell me how to get the euro africa map it's the best map to come out but I know there was something about copyrights with it but it seems someone would have brought it back out by now thanks
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