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Details Update folder (please be selected according to the version of each that apply):
Map Legiunnaire 2.0 (July 5, 2014) (link deleted)
Adding the way up and down the winding-style bridge 9 Sumatra Indonesia
Adding a toll road on the sea
Adding a liaison between the City
Adding the pass past the wilderness
Adding style road north coast
Adding the other absurb

Map Legiunnaire 2.1 (July 6, 2014) (link deleted)
Forward Curved road from Nine - Grimsby (Passing the road on the edge of the gorge and through the center of town and the last pass snowy roads)
Patch some holes in Curved 9
Fixing roads in town Felixtowe previously inaccessible.
Add an alternative way to winding 9 (not through the stadium again)

Legiunnaire MAP 2.2 (July 7, 2014) (link deleted)
Adding style north coast road between the towns of Carlisle - Liverpool
Upgrading existing roads bugnya (truck crashed into terrain and invisible railing winding lanes 9 Grimsby)

Legiunnaire MAP 2.3 (July 9, 2014) (link deleted)
Fixing a new street in Carlisle are still covered dead end
Fixing bugs lane Liverpool - Carlisle (truck crashed into an invisible barrier Collison)
New roads Liverpool Swansea with street style style northern coast, past the settlements continued past the point of extreme

Legiunnaire MAP 2.4 (July 12, 2014) (link deleted)
Prefab smoothed pathway to Swansea from Pantura
Adding the northern coast line with the style of the ringroad Kaliwungu bend Kendal - Semarang

MAP Legiunnaire 2.5 (July 19, 2014) (link deleted)
Eliminate bugs truck collided with a hedge / invisible barrier at the entrance to Carlisle
Adding lanes lanes winding through the woods between Carlislee with Swansea

Map Legiunnaire 2.6 (July 26, 2014)
were tested on a patch ETS2 version 1.10.xx
(download here (pass myspacenote.blogspot) 47 MB
Readme and screenshots available here)
Eliminate stray signs on the road on a snowy road tunnel before deket Grimbsy
Edit the four-lane road bends slightly above Swansea
The addition of the northern coast style Aft anatara Aberdeen - Eidenburg - New Castle Upon a Time until Grimbsy

Map Legiunnaire 2.7 (23 November 2014) (link deleted)
in this version there are several roads from previous versions truncated folder. this is because the update besar2an of ETS2 yesterday. some roads are left are: winding 9, great bridge leaving half. city, until now still I let it, yet disambungin again. so for those who wear a 2.7 and so, for the moment that is just the way life used to be.
the addition of lanes Kartasura - Boyolali (ringroad southern, northern ringroad, the Pandanaran, Salatiga (via new roads and streets in the town), Bawen, Ungaran, Semarang
Add lines with twists and climbs Magelang Yogyakarta Semarang
Adding lanes Yogyakarta Kartasura etc. (no road wavy).

Map Legiunnaire 2.8 (28 November 2014) (link deleted)
Adding lanes Pringsurat - Waterford - Kaloran - Bandungan (up and down hill) - Ambarawa
Replacing some DLC models with the standard model (plane in Salatiga, Terrain hill in Ungaran, with the hope can be used by those who are non-DLC)
Close some bugs sky visible below the horizon soil
Eliminate bugs truck collided with something on the bridge Ampel - Salatiga
Fixing dead end in Jackal (Road Ground Yogyakarta)
Add a Bandungan, Kaloran, Waterford, Wonosobo, Parakan
Add to Waterford road Parakan Wonosobo

Map Legiuunnaire 2.9 (29 November 2014) (link deleted)
Eliminate bugs in the bridge Ampel Salatiga (because after check bugnya still use the trailer)

Map Legiunnaire 2:10 (December 5, 2014) (link deleted)
Eliminate bugs new road bridge Salatiga
Close some underground sky still plasticity
Fixing Job in Kartasura
Adding a garage in Salatiga, Boyolali, Jombor, Jatinom, Banyudono
Edit a little village in Banyudono

Map legiunnaire2 v11 (December 6, 2014)
diets2 tested DLC version east
download here (via mediafire 68 MB)
Eliminate bugs invisible wall in the garage Bandungan, Posped Waterford
Edit companies in Mbangak
Changing writing to folder

Map legiunnaire2 v12 (December 7, 2014)
Eliminate prefab dealers in Waterford and Wonosobo in order to move version
Update to version folder,
shape is still the same folder with the version 11

Evergreen1976 the script road propertiesnya
(changed to 1:14 by Gancank version), do not forget also the full tutorial
black and white pavement of Ilham S
def road.look developed from folder Indonesia South Line by Donald (base TSM)
city def, def company to development of MII Map by gancank
def view world map of burnedbruno and TSM Team
sloping road cornering idea inspired by the IRS folder ridho
the model shop tent by burnedbruno
kiosk models by Evergreen1976 from UKTS converted by TSM team (info from agan riodandy007)
Prefab skin gas_small.uk pertamina of Jodyano Anderson
Indonesian friends mapper both still learning, new work, and that has been launching folders. (y)

The whole admin and its members:
- Kaskus Official IDS, Official ETS2
- Facebook I ever explore: KETS2I, ETS2GI

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Mod makers that I can not mention one by one, hopefully sincerity you make mod-mod to get the blessing of Allah

  • Experimental trucker
    2014-12-08 18:12
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    Hello. Here's a couple of runs that were done in the new map update. Sorry I didn't get a chance to explore the whole map..been trying to decide to stick with ETS2 1.14 or try the 1.15 beta.Southampton (UK) to Bandungan 513km runhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lplLcG1_OgMBandungan to Jatinom 1501km runhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWm0f-p1m6o
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