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Map of Minsk Moscow Crimea v1.0
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Map of Minsk Moscow Crimea v1.0

Map of Minsk-Moscow-Crimea

MAP WORKS WITHOUT DLC France DLC must be turned off (the card does not require them)
Scale Real 1 to 1 Real Kilometer
Real and detailed real detailing
Real currencies Dollars, Russian rubles, Belarusian rubles, Ukrainian hryvnia,
Houses for players with a designation on the map,

Features of Beta 2 2017
Improved technical part of beta

The map was renamed from Belarus of Russia of Ukraine to the Map of Minsk-Moscow-Crimea

Setting off DLC.
Unpack the archive
Add to the mod folder only files of the map 5 files (then other mods).
Change the gaming module to by

For ETS 2 1.27, 1.28

Author Bogdan Evdokimovich

  • https://yadi.sk/d/6nNvIDvF3MJ8YU
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