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Mapa Mexico 1.19
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Mapa Mexico 1.19

Map Mexico Remodeling Edit By Tony Martinez

Add Traffic Map v1 Munchos Buses Buses Auto Scratche in broken Track

Garage Whole New Mind Map In Spanish In Spanish Cruces Map More

Self largest Stops Buses Buses park in the garages in Everything

Sounds sides in the trailers Suspencion on some trucks and Munchas Things

But I hope you enjoy the game

Att: Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez

  • John
    2015-07-28 11:42 Send message
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    Please make a other link cause i dont want download any shit or Ask or so,I want this map and nothing else.
  • Experimental trucker
    2015-08-07 18:37 Send message
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    Hello. Here is a "FAILED" delivery run completed with the map. I have said in the video descriptions that, I will show the good, bad, & the ???????????. You can decide which type of video this falls under.....Picked up cargo in Minatitlan(Mexico map)Teleported to Joacaba(EAA map)Delivered cargo back in Minatitlan....I never made it back.'FAILED' Delivery, 'Major Malfunction' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys_3-mg2YjQMore info is
  • Matt
    2015-10-30 04:08 Send message
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    http://www.zlpaste.net/4979/ FULL LINK
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