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Marcopolo Paradiso G7 Traffic Pack v2.5
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Marcopolo Paradiso G7 Traffic Pack v2.5

With this mod you add to the AI traffic of ETS2, the superb Marcopolo Paradiso G7:

1800 DD 8X2
1800 DD 6X2
1600 LD 6X2
1200 6X2
1200 4X2 (new in this version of the pack)
with Brazilian skins
fully working in v.1.27 of the game.

Recommended to use with maps like EAA, RBR, Eldorado Rodobrasil, RC map, MF Fazenda, Brasil Total, etc.

Models: Linux
Skins: taken from the internet
Edition in Blender & defs: Lindomar

  • Lindomar s. da roza
    2017-05-26 15:00
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