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Mega Map v2.0 – FIX
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Mega Map v2.0 – FIX


Here is a new mega map, then collected a lot of countries. The map is made good, a lot of greens, a huge kilometers of roads, many well-made cities, with the details and the details. For users of the game, this card will be a good addition to your game, then you will be able to permanently “stuck” – working transporting goods. Many card very much, for you will be available a huge variety of work, a variety of loads, new routes, and if all the good build for themselves – it is possible for a long time to forget about the search for new routes.
Europe starts from northern Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. US-Turkey-Taiwan. CIS affects the city limits Russia Naryan-Mar to cities in Ukraine – Lviv. From Vyborg Leningrad region Sochi Adler district of the Krasnodar Territory.
Map laid out without extraneous mods on traffic and graphic mod: the weather.
Map requires a DLC additions Scandinavia and East. Install the map in the manager from the bottom up in numerical order To use the map to download the two parts
Test Version: 1.25, 1.26

WG Team

  • Guest
    2016-11-26 10:41
    Part 2 http://sharemods.com/ixgrcj4dob3x/Mega_MapV2_2.7z.html
  • Darex2521
    2016-11-26 13:11
    Witam , proszę o link bo nie działa
  • Bruins
    2016-11-26 18:29
    А кто делал описание, что за двоечник не компетентный в географии?! "Europe starts from northern Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay"...Когда в "Европе" была Бразилия, Перу и т.д., Европа не была Европой, а был один континент - Гондвана и был он единым. Гондвана состояла из современных континентов: Африка, Южная Америка, Антарктида, Австралия, а также из острова Индостан, который после столкновения с Лавразией стал полуостровом Индостан.
  • Michael
    2016-11-27 09:17
    Dont work , keeps on crashing on 1.25 / 1.26 and with new profile
  • Chicodf
    2016-12-02 03:08
    Does not work in version 1.26
  • Baffi
    2016-12-02 10:47
    The map is done topp, I've followed the instructions, it ran to the beginning and then was finished. Now is nothing more. I have the latest patches on it, the new update, but Steam is not there.Can someone help me?Thanks in advance.Baffi
  • Portegies
    2016-12-03 09:41
    steam drops down when I start the game with a new account with this folder!
  • Darex2521
    2016-12-03 15:14
    Ddzięki za część 2 - link
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