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MHAPro EU v2.4 ETS2 v1.24.x
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MHAPro EU v2.4 ETS2 v1.24.x

ETS2 - MHAPro EU 2.4 (Compatible with 1.24.x None-steam and Steam and higher):  
1. fixed many small bugs
- like invisibly companies
- some problems on some places with rain
- invisibly roads
2. new city Most (CZ)
- company sawmill
- company DHL
- company MHA Transp
3. new city Chomutov (CZ)
- company Maxilla
- company ConCargo
- company Gradis
- company BurgerKing
4. new city Amot (N)
- company Gradis
- company Concargo
- company MHA Service
- company sfh_trans
- company tfp_trans
- company tg_trans
5. new company in map MOD
- DHL Logistic
- transport company
6. fixed curbs on McDonalds parking
7. fixed some companies visibility
8. fixed curbs on Burger King parking
9. fixed some Routes which did not work from last update
10. new road from Chemnitz (D) to Leipzig (D)

Heavy Alex

  • Bc trucker
    2016-07-27 21:40
    I really want to DL this map but the ADF.LY link does NOT work!This isn't only mod using this host that was broken.Can you please upload to a different, more stable host.
  • Nhe


    2016-07-28 15:13
    No problem for me, worked as it should.
  • Driverfly
    2016-07-28 18:13
    I can not download the map, my antivirus (McAfee Total Protection 2016) says that the file is infected with a virus and is not download
  • Don


    2016-07-29 14:38
    1.heavyalexes mods dont have viruses in em ive used her mods many times no issues 2.why in the hell people use macafee ya might as well not use a antivirus at all macafee is a bad one to have as it has backdoors in it and youll get viruses no matter the case is
  • Driverfly
    2016-07-29 17:02
    DON You´re a stupid, McAfee antivirus is the best antivirus that exists today.I have been using McAfee antivirus for over 10 years and has never failed me , I've tried other antivirus (G -Data , Avast , AVG , Norton, Kaspersky, Nod 32) and are a real garbage, besides I work in computer world in the security department of a big company
  • Rta mods
    2016-07-29 17:08
    The files of this map are very old and cause many errors in the gamelog, causing that when you are playing has much lag in any area. Examples:00:46:18.934 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor '/prefab/gas_town_nico/gas_town_1.ppd' version 19 to current version (21)00:46:18.934 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor '/prefab/gas_town_nico/gas_price_stand.ppd' version 19 to current version (21)Please update the files of the map
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