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Music for Menu v1.8
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Music for Menu v1.8

Establish a high priority.

- Several music tracks have been replaced.
- Added pneumatic seat.
- Added currency Russian Ruble (RUB).

1. In the game, go to (Settings)
2. Click on (Gameplay)
3. We find the section (Currency) we click and choose the currency of that country.

The bank will give you a loan after 1 trip from 6.000.000 EURO.
Self-parking trailer will be 90.000.000 XP.
Buy your 1 garage for 10.000 EURO.
In Russian rubles, this will cost more.

!!A WARNING!! Will not work with the economy.
You will hear music in the menu of a game, a garage, car showroom of the dealer, automobile repair shop.
ETS 2 Test for version: 1.30.x

by Strannik75

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