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Nurburgring Map v2.0
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Nurburgring Map v2.0

Version 1.0:
– First release

Version 2.0 (This version)
– Whole mod is recreated
– Signs are now correct
– Deleted lots of not important objects
– Track is now in real scale (about 400% bigger)
– Track is not flat anymore. Much more realistic.
– Added new city: Nürburg
– New road to Nürburg and Nürburgring (watch the picture)

How to install:
1. Open ets2 with the old version of the mod
2. Go to the nearest repair service
3. Save the game and exit
4. Delete the old version of the mod and put this new version in (ets2 mods folder)
5. Start the game and edit profile
6. Enable this new version of the mod
7. Open your profile and start playing

Known issues:
– Some lights floating and factory in Nürburg doesn’t work (yet)

No need a new profile. Works game version 1.15


  • Experimental trucker
    2015-01-07 20:00
    Hello. This is a delivery from Liege with a stop-over at the Nürburgring track & then continuing on to Luxembourg.I used the default map just to be safe. Sorry about the lag/stutter that I ran into at times.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47hTuDvkCdcFor this one, once again, I take a break from the delivery & "attempt" to do a couple laps around the track. LOL....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av7YEwSNL8g
  • Maximate
    2015-01-08 00:54
    This is illegal copy of my mod. Don't download.
  • Tu concha
    2015-01-11 20:27
    MAXIMATE ma.ma.lo, f.u.c,k
  • Tu concha
    2015-01-11 20:29
    MAXIMATE ma.ma.lo, f_u_c_k
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