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Orient Express v9.1 card for ProMods v2.11
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Orient Express v9.1 card for ProMods v2.11

This map works only with card ProMods-v2.11
Map tested complete with maps:

Eldorado Rodobrasil FREE
10-MM_5.2 (Difficult road)

To install the files in the manager, according to the screenshot.
Game Version 1.25

Authors of the card: valera_t, SCS Software
Authors facilities: valera_t, kosa6414, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, klipstoeun8839
Authors prefabs: Valera_t, FLD, klipstoeun8839, SCS
Author ext. detailed map: Dima063, fura2010
Tester card: KZN_TIM
Special thanks to Yuri Senkevich to update billboards, Goba6372 model for a bumpy road,
and to all who have provided all sorts of information to create a more realistic game world.
By combining maps: voldemar56

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