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Peterbilt 579 ATS Fixed 1.22
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Peterbilt 579 ATS Fixed 1.22

– Dealer MAN
– Standalone
– Present in traffic and order agencies (with its wheels, he made independent)
– 3 cab
– 4 chassis
– Their sound (in ATS)
– His wheels (also made independent of ATS)
– Its interior (2 versions)
– Tuning
– Works board computer
– Tested version 1.22
– Everything works, no errors!

Authors: SCS, vovangt4

  • Antifa
    2016-02-02 10:34
    Why duplicate threads?There are already such !!!!!!!!!!!!!!An hour ago, posted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!http://www.modhub.us/euro-truck-simulator-2-mods/peterbilt-579-1-22-x-fixed-1-22-x/
  • Experimental trucker
    2016-02-02 12:14
    Hello. Here's a Peterbilt 579 hard at work in ETS2 land.Picked up cargo in DortmundDelivered cargo in Wien 941km Delivery Run.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO6nTaQ8JSoMore information is in the video description.I wonder will a certain Kenworth T680 make the overseas trip to ETS2 land?
  • Losevo58
    2016-02-02 13:37
    Привет всем! Как я и писал в нескольких темах, сей хам: vovangt4, не может угомониться в погоне за дешёвой славой и приписывает себе авторство к моделям которые не делал. Эта тема по своей сути пиратская, так как все права на модель грузовика: Peterbilt 579 ATS, принадлежат разработчику: SCS Software http://blog.scssoft.com/2016/01/truck-licensing-situation-update.html и PACCAR group.
  • Losevo58
    2016-02-02 13:38
    Предлагаю администрации сайта: http://www.modhub.us/ немедленно удалить незаконно размещённый пиратский контент и впредь не допускать подобных тем.=================================
  • Losevo58
    2016-02-02 13:40
    Hello everybody! As I wrote a few topics, this ham: vovangt4, can not settle down in the pursuit of cheap fame and ascribes authorship to the models that do not.This topic is inherently a pirate, as all rights to the truck model: Peterbilt 579 ATS, belong to the developer: SCS Software http://blog.scssoft.com/2016/01/truck-licensing-situation-update.html and PACCAR group .
  • Losevo58
    2016-02-02 13:41
    I suggest the site administration: http://www.modhub.us/ immediately remove illegally Placed pirated content to continue to avoid such issues.
  • Dado-j
    2016-02-03 03:23
    If I'm not mistaken, the first mod that was published was akreditovaon by the SCS, and repair or fix the work vovangt4, who must be admitted ripping done.
  • Dado-j
    2016-02-03 03:24
    It is not stealing if a processing one's work and set it to something completely different.It is widely known that SCS software with ETS2 with any other version, changing something in the primary basis of the game,
  • Dado-j
    2016-02-03 03:26
    so it removes any good programming attempts by well-meaning user games, and also good programmers, to improve the game itself andamendments to the beautiful facilities. It would call copyright piracy and declineby the SCS sofware. Supporting such manners by individuals, such as LOSEVO58
  • Dado-j
    2016-02-03 03:27
    the only proof of how individuals are poor and as developers and as people envy curling up in the cloak of some legal norms. I would be ashamed to attack someone's good work. Good to be commended and recognized, not reviled.Therefore, I say; Vovangt4 great job done and just so. Super programmer!
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