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ProMods: Port Valencia v1.0
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ProMods: Port Valencia v1.0

This mod will restore the port in Valencia.
Works with ProMods 2.41.
Added 4 ferry connection from Valencia to:
- Visby
- Palermo
- Bergen
- Plymouth

Put this mod above ProMods files.

ProMods Team, SlavikSD

  • Theosz
    2019-08-26 18:41 Send message
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    well, I did a search on google maps and couldn't find these ferries because the ones that exist go to nearby islands only. To give more immersion in the game and honor the name "Simulator" I think it is necessary that the routes | ports are real, and yet only a few, not all of them.Useful example would be links from Porto Torres to Barcelona and Marseille; Bastia for Genoa and Livorno; Trapani to Cagliari; and mainly Ancona to Zadar and Bari to Dubrovinik; Salermo to Asdobe (yes, they woul
    • Slaviksd
      2019-08-28 13:03 Send message
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      @THEOSZ, do you want me to make these ferry connections?
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