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Real Enviroment Graphic Sound Mod v4.6
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Real Enviroment Graphic Sound Mod v4.6

Mod-update Version 4.5:
If you want to play our map you need at least Patch 1.14!! These Mapversion cannot be played with Patchversion 1.11.xx or before!!!

Bugfixes on Vegetation
Adjusted Weather and textures
Map adjusted to Patch 1.14
In this mod almost all textures (approx. 3,000) and other things of the standard game and the TSM map were changed, so that the overall picture looks more natural and real.
Also changed the textures of the weather and the weather itself, so it has light haze or mist sometimes in the morning or in the evening and the rain is now varying degrees.
For better results, I recommend in the graphics settings to disable the HDR (high contrast graphics) and color correction.
In the sound mod, I have a few modified crash sounds, AI sounds, music in the garage and many more sounds.The sound volume has been adjusted so that it feels more real, for expample in the inner of the truck the noise were raised a little, so that all sounds including the truck sounds better match.
Truck sounds were no renewed or amended, so every can decide whether and which Trucksound he used for himself.
The Mapzoom for the TSM-map is not necessary, because it is included in the mod.
The mod has accepted a size so that I had split him into two parts in graphics (real ENV4 and sound (real ENV sound V4).
Please insert both mods into your mod folder and activate them, but they work also individually (graphic and/or sound).
Both mods must be after the TSM map and should be at the best to the end at the mod folder.
The mods can be used on the SCS standard map DLC East including the TSM Map 5.1.x since Patch 1.11.
I wish you much fun with this mod.
Greetings Waggi74

Landscape and building textures:
SCS software

Weather (skyboxes):
Dagastir, black, Waggi74
If I forgot someone, please understanding. Short message me and I will do it shortly.
Its Forbidden to Host the Mod anywhere! Use the ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!

Landschafts- und Gebäudetexturen:
SCS Software
Wetter (Skyboxen):
BlackOpen, Supric, Waggi74

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