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Real Traffic Density v2.2 by Cip
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Real Traffic Density v2.2 by Cip

Changelog v2.2:
-latest traffic adjustments for a real density of traffic
-added new rules in traffic_lane.sii (still testing)
-reduced ratio trucks/cars to 1:2 and buses/cars to 1:10
-added Piva’s corrections of France trains (from Piva’s traffic density v4.0.2)
-added Piva’s hookup adjustments (from Piva’s traffic density v4.0.2)
works only in 1.27! updates may follow upon map updates
tested in:
-Vanilla map
-EAA map
-Eastern Express
for ProMods map please use the Real Traffic Density v2.2 for ProMods

Author: —Cipinho—
Credits: —Piva—

Cipinho, Piva

Cipinho, Piva

  • Cipinho
    2017-05-27 16:28
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