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Real Truck Physics - EU Values 1.33.x
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Real Truck Physics - EU Values 1.33.x

This mod will change Physics behaviour based on European standard values in degrees.
When hauling heavier Trailers, you will see better weight distribution + roll.

Recommended use
High priority in the Mod-Manager.

Also strongly recommend also enabling the console In-Game and using
'g_suspension_stiffness -0.1' without the quotes.

Optionally using:

g_truck_stability -0.14
g_trailer_stability -0.12

Of course you can play around with the above settings, but keeping these in mind will give you a very smooth experience.

Also when the Truck (auto gearbox) will change gears, you will notice a small but noticeable dip of the Cabin, just like in a Real Truck.


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