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Realistic Graphics Mod v2.0 1.30
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Realistic Graphics Mod v2.0 1.30

Version 2.0:
This update will be visible to all.
- Added realistic effects of rain;
- Added realistic sounds of rain and thunder;
- Improved the climate;
- Fixed the problem of glare;
- Removed old unused files;
- Updated Addon Darker Graphics (Realistic Graphics Mod v2.0 and Promods maps v2.25.);
- Updated Promods Addon Compatibility (for compatibility with the new version of Promods map v2.25.).


- Brand new flyers;
- Realistic light reflections;
- Completely new skybox (added the moon);
- Improved graphics;
- Realistic textures of roads;
- Works without errors;
- Completely new lights;
- Superior light reflection;
- Improved ranges of illumination.

Recommended settings:
HDR - enabled;
Color correction on / off (improves saturation);
DOF is enabled.

In the archive added two addon:
Promods Addon Compatibility - for compatibility with the ProMods map;
Darker Graphics Addon - reduces the illumination (for those who the original is very bright).


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