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Rework Map Freeport (Papua New Guinea) by OJE_PeJe Team
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Rework Map Freeport (Papua New Guinea) by OJE_PeJe Team

The freeport map is the second map made by the Ojepeje team, this map is located in a mining area in Papua New Guinea.

This Map Contains:
Challenging Roads
Beautiful Hilly Roads
Off roads
Muddy Roads
Forest Roads
Bus Terminals

Supported Version: ETS2 1.32 to 1.38
DLC Required : ALL DLC
Stand Alone Map

Map Password In Video Description: https://youtu.be/pMx-P2MClhU

OJE_PeJe Team

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    2020-09-26 18:14
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    PW.salam damai simulator indonesia
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    2020-09-26 20:38
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    Map Links:1: https://sharemods.com/ohh874p23us4/Def_MAP_FREEPORT_1.32-1.38.zip.html2:https://sharemods.com/9cbrip8rxc3c/Freeport_Map_Papua_New_Guinea_Ets2_1.32_to_1.38.rar.html
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    2020-09-29 02:17
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    Comment...has nothing to do with New Guinea, is west papua which is basically indonesia
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