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Romania Extended v1.2 [ALL DLC]
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Romania Extended v1.2 [ALL DLC]

This is the main version for now.
Future updates will take place only if important content it’s ready.

- new redendering values, no more landscape pop-up for the entire map; (MAIN UPDATE) – now you can enjoy the full panorama.
- 2 new towns: Chisinau and Balti from Moldova Republic
- first steps in design improvements: removed part of low-res vegetation, reworked some roads, crosses, signs, vehicle and ambiental lights, city detail, buildings or even some missplacements.
This is gonna be work in progress for some time (always something to improve) but also the map expansion towards new territories.
- decent spawning frequency for romanian cars, no more police problem (sience last version)
- removed any traffic file from the map to avoid ( in some cases) the need to create a new profile. (i dont know a solution, i never experienced that and also i never seen a LOG file in that situation).

The map was tested alone
in map combo with TSM, RusMap, RK Steppe and Southern Region (with some fixes).
There is a separate folder with all the fixes for SR and also the custom ferry-connection with my map


  • Denis
    2018-03-18 12:32
    Where is the patch folder? she's not here
  • Denis
    2018-03-18 12:35
    There is also no Republic of Moldova
  • Arayas
    2018-03-18 17:42
  • Guest
    2018-03-18 18:09
  • Guest
    2018-03-18 23:42
    its garbage if u dont support promods ... promods its the best map out there jerk
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