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Scania 141 mTG v1.0
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Scania 141 mTG v1.0

The release version of the modification includes:
- 1 cabin
- 3 chassis (4x2 6x2 6x4)
- original interior
- a variety of tuning options (tanks / wings / bumpers / mirrors, etc.)

Support for skins (template included).
In one of the skins (ASTRAN) was found a typo in the name of the company, in the next update this skin will be fixed.
Buy in the Scania dealer.

JAWA (Maxim Saprykin), Stas556 (Stanislav Smolev), Kriechbaum

  • Ohaha
    2018-02-05 12:20
    Wow !! Private! Nice! Thanks!
  • Gromos
    2018-02-05 12:32
    Thanks! it's work for 1.30 . man...
  • Živaakcija
    2018-02-05 12:40
    Yes it really works. Model cool Thank you very much. I've been searching for
  • Didoko
    2018-02-05 12:43
    The truck is excellent. Goes nicely. Thanks to the authors.
  • Robparker
    2018-02-05 12:45
    Is this the truck I've been looking for a long time! Thank you! works for me. Sumptuously.
  • Jordanh
    2018-02-05 12:46
    5 stars. Many thanks!
  • Gopluto
    2018-02-05 12:48
    It looks fresh. Wash, I video it on WorkShop but it's a different model. This is fresh and working. Does not lag without bugs. Clean logs
  • Gregsta
    2018-02-05 12:50
    Maybe this is something new. I like. I bought it and in a week I'll ride it.
  • Ixanon
    2018-02-05 12:52
    It looks like a quality model. It is made perfectly. It's nice to ride. I downloaded and recommend it.
  • Viddek
    2018-02-05 12:54
    What a look! This truck was private. How good that now it is accessible to all ..
  • Jaxel
    2018-02-05 12:55
    Guter truck. Es ist schön zu gehen
  • Pushkar1206
    2018-02-05 12:57
    Someone decided to share it with everyone. Which present. Everyone had been waiting for her so long. Quality at altitude. Download necessarily!
  • Thumped
    2018-02-05 12:59
    Thank you man! Mod is excellent! I will never buy, it's better to download!
  • Jeremy
    2018-02-05 13:01
    I'll upload a screenshot of the game as it looks - amazing
  • Chris
    2018-02-05 13:04
    mo3Del Truck Game shit in a flat place! Download it! Excellent. We are waiting for new mods from them.
  • Mukund
    2018-02-05 13:05
    No one doubted that someday he would be poured into a pipe.
  • Kevin
    2018-02-05 13:07
    Merge all their mods they are too fat. While we all play in a decent model. And this truck is no exception. 5 star ONLY !!!
  • Breixo
    2018-02-05 13:09
    Everything becomes clear when you see the box inside
  • Jman984
    2018-02-05 13:10
    As usual, a very high-quality fashion got into the distribution. Thank you. Let's play now on quality.
  • Tony747
    2018-02-05 13:13
    The last update is just fresh and all the files of today's date are both from the manufacturer's factory. Terrific. I think the rest is like the sounds and models were prepared earlier and the sale goes new. It's worth noting that the log is clean ...
  • Ahmadkhan
    2018-02-05 13:16
    Kimse ne zaman ve ne zaman yeni modalarını birleştireceğini bilmiyor. Harika görünüyor
  • Erel
    2018-02-05 13:18
    De toekomst is aangebroken. Hij was leeggezogen.
  • Keng68
    2018-02-05 13:20
    And how to understand that this is the latest version? it is written 1.0 and maybe already there is 2.0 or 3.0 .. nobody knows?
  • Alon
    2018-02-05 13:21
    This is fake do not download this mod that is already for a long time in the Internet from the authors: Shoofer, Gustavo Siebel, Mahyar.Gh Ariaei group pc, Amir mahdavi, Federico Cardinali, Phantom94, Gazilla.This mod is not from the author's MTG.
  • Kensai
    2018-02-05 13:23
    I think this is the latest version. All files are new. And also it is well known that they have only one mod and it was released quite recently. Wash in Dec or Jan.
  • Vkams
    2018-02-05 13:26
    ALON go to the ass foolish half-ass!
  • Bv01
    2018-02-05 13:32
    Mod is excellent. Thanks to all
  • Peremr
    2018-02-05 13:34
    Nobody knew anything until he appeared on the Inet.
  • Fake
    2018-02-05 13:35
    I apologize for the comments. I made a mistake..
  • Андрюша
    2018-02-05 13:37
    это фек загрузил ебучий петух и любитель посасать большой черный ХУЙ,не качайте это говно кторое уже давно есть на литве это мод не от mtg что б тя цыгани и всю твою блядскую симейку выебли гандон использованный
  • Kolten
    2018-02-05 13:41
    I uploaded more screenshots. Look at this in the game
  • Sebast
    2018-02-05 14:12
    Excellent model. Working
  • Poeta
    2018-02-05 15:06
    Working in 1.30. At whom what problems can be?
  • Ricky6039
    2018-02-05 15:20
    You will be able to gather a lot of information about how the tuning should look like. Pipes lower and bigger diameter, a shield thread between the pipes with the logo, mud flaps with the inscription Vabis I already mentioned, the plank flooring on the upper trunk, the flooring of the aluminum sheet on the frame, the back of the custom bumper, lubrikken European type, and not with such hangings, but a lot of things.
  • Fresc
    2018-02-05 15:47
    Good and tnx
  • Ratix
    2018-02-05 16:04
    Reupload the mod please! Not found
  • Dropgarant
    2018-02-05 16:56
    Mod is reloaded: http://sharemods.com/y4mcons0sknb/ETS2_Scania_141_Series_MTG_1.0.scs.htmlNOTICE: Sounds are compressed, before adding to the game, reload sound files from the "sound" folder WITHOUT compression!!!
  • Dropgarant
    2018-02-05 16:58
    Reupload there: http://sharemods.com/y4mcons0sknb/ETS2_Scania_141_Series_MTG_1.0.scs.html
  • Guest
    2018-02-05 17:03
    Fake. ALL files have data 05.02.2018 17:20
  • Dropgarant
    2018-02-05 17:05
    GUEST - this is Repack unlocked.
  • Guest
    2018-02-05 17:57
    Согласен, слитый приватный мод.
  • Гость
    2018-02-05 18:26
    эх товарищи , что же вы людей то в заблеждение вводите , это старый мод на 141-111 сканию , это не от команды МТГ , не надо так делать )
  • Guest
    2018-02-05 22:20
    Fake: Scania 1 Series by Phantom94
  • Wes


    2018-02-08 18:49
    i cant download it anymore..... :-(
  • Dropgarant
    2018-02-08 23:50
  • Willem
    2018-04-10 16:02
    Where can i find this nice scania 141 interior the link is not working.
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